Alternative Process and Experimental Photography

A group to show your creative talents outside the normal photographic methods.

Recent Work

  • Ruth Or The Influences Of Nature by Ian Mooney
  • Create your own magic by USrealmArt
  • I wish it was ecstasy by strawberries
  • Behind the Orchids by USrealmArt
  • Glastonbury Tor Sunset by Nigel Bangert
  • Disguise by strawberries
  • Dahlias In Soft Blue by Sandra Foster
  • Faces 20 by Igor Shrayer
  • Torn by franceslewis
  • heart-red memories by Priska Wettstein
  • IT'S HANGING IN THE AIR by db Waterman
  • Foggy Morn on The St Lucie River by Noble Upchurch

About This Group

A group to show your creative talents outside the normal photographic methods. We want works that break down the collective thought of what photography is, and show that often thinking outside of the lens can produce very beautiful works in their own right.

Works here can be done using cyanotypes, van dyke, liquid light, etc. They can be montages or photograms, they can be works where you have drawn over the top of the photograph. It could have been that you used a camera that is not considered as the “norm”, like polaroids or a pinhole. They could have been photographs that were cut/ripped apart and stitched/taped back together. You could have an interesting use of toners that show brush marks or splatters. You could have scratched into the negative. Digital wise you can use Photoshop to create wondrous works that break down reality that other photography groups won’t allow, but the works must have a noticeable photographic beginning.

I have featured some of the works that I believe epitomises what this group is all about. The artists have experimented with photography and photographic processes to develop works that go beyond the normal approach while still maintaining a sense of resolve.

Check the group rules before posting.

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