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August 2011: Meet our new featured artist, Rhonda Strickland

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

RestlessD (Rhonda)

I am delighted to showcase the art and writing of RestlessD as our featured artist for August.
Rhonda is the principal host for this group, and has no idea at all that she is to be featured here. I hope it will be a lovely surprise for her. She works tirelessly on behalf of the group and her art is simply stunning, so I figured that this would be a small way to express my thanks, and the thanks of the group.

I have known Rhonda for many years, having met on a previous photoshop forum. We both joined RedBubble at much the same time and have flourished here in this wonderfully accepting and creative community. As well as being a great artist and writer, Rhonda is a truly lovely person.

Here is Rhonda’s story; I hope she will elaborate on it during the month as I have sneaked this from her profile page. As she does not know this feature is happening I could not ask her for an update.

Hello, I am RestLeSsD (RLS are my initials D stands for designs).

My main media is Photoshop. I create 3D art & images in Incendia & Apophysis and use these in my creations formed in PS. I also use Picture Window Pro and Corel Photo. I have an Associates degree in Science Multimedia acquired in 2001; a happy accident as I took a Bitmap Imaging class at the local jr. college one summer. This opened a door of opportunities that I never knew existed and a new career for me; a web & graphic designer at my own little company called RestLeSs Designs.

I have also been writing poetry as far back as 1968 and and am so excited to have found Redbubble where I can now share that work with the world!!! Such an exhilirating, validating thing for me as one of my life goals has been to illustrate my writings. Since joining RB I have begun to embark on that bucket list item. And now being able to create my own Blurb book with my images & poetry, it’s almost indescribable how wonderful that is. Guess what everyone is getting as a gift from me? LOL

My abstract side finally got brave enough to crawl from under the covers and start to dance… And I am so happy that it found a place to do so. . . Where else but Redbubble would I be able to create to my hearts desire and have people, actual talented artists appreciate and even reward me for these expressions of dreams and music inspirations? What a total and complete salvation and pleasure for this to be happening. . . honestly, sincerely, truthfully.

So, my abstract side – it is taking me to worlds only imagined in my minds eye. As eon . says above, our grandparents could never have believed what is able to be created with this new tech. Even James Cameron said that 10 years ago when he was thinking up his ideas for the movie Avatar he knew he could not make that movie back then. He had such a vision of how he felt it should be presented that he waited. He knew one day there would be the technology created that would help him paint the picture of what he was writing exactly the way he viewed it in his mind and wanted to to convey it.

Back to my abstract side; It has always been there, lurking, hiding, not really knowing how to express itself. And the few times it did dare to come into the daylight it was usually laughed at or chased away. No more, no more. . . With the encouragement of the talented, friendly, awesome artists (some who have become friends) I am able to finally feel free enough, encouraged enough, inspired enough to step out of the box & wave my freak flag :o) Thank you RB & my RB villages for doing that for & with me…."


I have chosen a few of my favourites here, and will add more to them as the month progresses. I have chosen these as they all have a particular quality of light that seems to bring real beauty into the eye of the viewer. Innocence and maturity are both represented but in a way that brings magic and mystery with it.

Please add you favourites too.


Noah’s Ark Stragglers
by restlessd

St. George Island Lighthouse
by restlessd

Dirty Pretty Things
by restlessd

Don’t You Say I Told You So
by restlessd

River of Deceit
by restlessd

My Sanctuary
by restlessd

A Single Wish
by restlessd

Breath of Life
by restlessd

Christine Annas Christine Annas 202 posts

Congratulations on your feature, Rhonda. Your work is AMAZING!!!!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 1198 posts

Congratulations, dear Rhonda! A well deserved award for a loving, giving & accomplished lady! BRAVO!
So many favorites….this is one of mine:

Anivad - Davina Nicholas Anivad - Davin... 97 posts

Congratulations its great to see such wonderful works of art!

billfox256 billfox256 460 posts

“Great art is as irrational as great music.
It is mad with its own loveliness.”

A beautiful collection!!!! Congratulations on this feature!!!!! Bill

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

My all time top favourite…

Bridge of Sighs
by restlessd

There will be a time for you and I
To stand upon the bridge
To look ahead and to decide
If together we cross this bridge.

We will weigh the options & the worth of love
We will look below, we will look above.
Will we turn to see if we care enough
To stand on the strength of our love?

If it’s not to be will we know?
Will one of us hear the others’ cries?
While standing alone will we know
That this was just our Bridge of Sighs?

a rhonda original©

RicIanH RicIanH 50 posts

Congratulations, Rhonda, very well deserved for both your words and pictures.
As you know, this one reached out to me.

Wayward Son a poem by RestLeSsD

Contemplation now
is his daily exercise
Wondering where his life was spent
Seeing out of hooded eyes.

Did he do enough
In his time upon this earth
To leave a small impression
Of what his life was worth?

As the twilight of his days
Darkens into the night
Will he be remembered
As one who brought some light?

Or will he be forgotten
As just another one,
Who was born and then who died?
Just another wayward son.

a rhonda original© 2011

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1035 posts

Awesome work, Rhonda . . . a big congratulations.

virginian virginian 13029 posts

Congratulations Rhonda.

Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 1895 posts

These works are stunning and wonderful and what a terrific thing you’ve done in featuring her! So many times the hosts are so busy focusing on featuring others…it’s a rare thing that a co-host does this for one of their own! BRAVO to you both!

andy551 andy551 252 posts

Congratulations ,Rhonda ! An absolutely perfect image!!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4070 posts

I am so surprised… Anna completely fooled me, I had no idea she had picked me for this month’s featured artist. I truly an so honored as I respect & admire her as a person & an artist. I am overwhelmed with joy, pride and excitement. Thank you Anna from the bottom of my heart…

@Christine, so very nice of you to visit, I truly appreciate it.

@Pat, thank you for stopping by… that is a favorite of mine & I am sure it was inspired by the Grunge It UP group that you host, thanks for that…

@Anivad, You inspire me often!! Thank you…

@Bill, you always have a wonderful quote to share with me… I appreciate that & it makes me happy that my works bring these thoughts to mind… thank you.

@Anna, thank you for sharing that one. It was the beginning of my fractal journey… I am still amazed at how well it has been received!!

@Richard, thank you… I am still glad that this moved you. It is an honor to know that my art can do that…

@Carol & Mike, so glad you stopped by, you know I enjoy your art!!

@Judy, happy to have met you and glad you came by to share this with me :O)

@Darlene, I agree with you, I am so happily surprised I am beaming with pride… thank you for pointing out how wonderful my dear friend Anna is :o)

@Andy, thank you so much…


Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4070 posts

Here are 2 of my own favorites. This is because they are shots of my son & my husband. I love it when I can include family in my art.

Behind Blue Eyes
by restlessd

by restlessd


Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

They are truly fabulous Rhonda, – so atmospheric. The one of your son would make a great album cover.

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

I love this one too.

Arkaik Virtuoso
by restlessd

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

And this one…

Arkaik – Icosahedron Unfolded
by restlessd

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

I think you should give up your day job and start as an album designer. These are terrific.

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4070 posts

Thanks so much Anna.. Unfortunately these young bands don’t want an old lady designing their art :o( ~ sad but very true.. But thank you for sharing.


Ellanita Ellanita 862 posts

Ohhh my goodness, what a wonderful selection of stunning Art. They are all so beautiful Rhonda congratulations and thank you for the gift of your creations…blessings Ellanita

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5001 posts

Wonderful artistry, Rhona, congrats!

KIK KIK KIK KIK 145 posts

Congratulations ,Rhonda ~ BRAVA

Tarrby Tarrby 1290 posts

Congratulations Rhonda, you really deserve this feature, your work is inspired. I love so many of your images and words that I would find it very hard to choose just one, but if I had to, I think it would be My Sanctuary. I hope you enjoy your Feature month as much as I have, you are a true Artist, Brian.

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4070 posts

Ah Ellanita, thank you so much for coming by for a visit…

Thank you dear Cindy… I am having fun here already :o)

Kasia, thank you… You know I love your creative work so I’m glad you stopped by.

Brian, thank you, it was a very big HAPPY surprise, Anna tricked me :o) ~ And what a fabulous thing to say, I am so appreciative. To be called a true artist is a wonderful compliment. Thank you….

Here is the piece that Brian refers to:

My Sanctuary
by restlessd

Click the link to read to poem that goes with it

Big hugs to all.

Nikella Nikella 23 posts

What a wonderful portfolio of art, Rhonda! Truly beautiful work! I am so glad Anna shared all of this with us!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7358 posts

Elvis, the Gorgeous Little Arab
by restlessd

This is fabulous Rhonda – I would dearly love to know how you get this painterly look ( if you can bear to give away trade secrets)? It looks as if it has been colour washed – like wet on wet water colour strokes – magic!!!