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Sunday Features 05.08.2012

polly470 polly470 898 posts

We say Farewell to our amazing featured artists for June and July, Lissywitch and Jan Pudney, and leave you with a selection of their art for you to see.

Our Featured artist for August is Margi, and you will enjoy her work as much as you have enjoyed our previous artists…please join in and welcome her!

Joys of motherhood
by Lissywitch

S is for…..Supermoon
by Lissywitch

Pink Peony
by Lissywitch

Big Top
by Jan Pudney

Tough life
by Jan Pudney

I don't do 'cute'
by Jan Pudney

As selected by Rhonda


To the tree
by Jan Pudney

by Jan Pudney

The works
by Jan Pudney


by Lissywitch

Day trippers
by Lissywitch

Good things don't always come in small packages
by Lissywitch

So, a fond farewell to Lissywhich and Jan Pudney, and a huge welcome to MARGI

Have a great week!
Polly and Rhonda


Lissywitch Lissywitch 153 posts

thank you so much Polly and Rhonda, it’s been such a boost to my spirits, not to mention an inspiration to create more. So looking forward to seeing Margi’s work this month :))
Thank you again both of you xx

Greta  McLaughlin Greta McLaughlin 714 posts

Gorgeous array of work from both Lissy and Jan!!!! Congrats ladies!!!!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4070 posts

It was wonderful to showcase your work Sarah!!! We’re so glad you enjoyed the celebration. . . It was our pleasure…


jaypea jaypea 696 posts

A big, loud THANK YOU! for the feature over the last month. It’s been a buzz – and congratulations to Sarah on being chosen as well. I’m sure Margi will enjoy herself this month – she’s a terrific artist and I hope lots of people will discover her work. Thanks again!

Margi Margi 288 posts

wonderful images, particularly love the Daytrippers and Disappearing very emotive work, congrats to you both :))))