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Sunday Features 11 December 2011: Immerse Yourselves in Water....

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7384 posts

Rhonda’s choices
Dec. 11, 2011

I was drawn to the water today. . . oceans & lakes, boats, birds and more. . .

Lightship Sula, Dusk, Gloucester Docks, UK
by buttonpresser

Hop, skip
by NewfieKeith

Sinking Boat
by Yannik Hay

Railway Bridge Mood
by JKKimball

Celestial Sailor
by billfox256

Castle Lake by Catherine Hamilton-Veal

Anna’s Choices

Continuing the theme of water I was struck by these beautiful images.

by Bob Culshaw

Highland Gold
by Rinkydink

A Child's Nightmare
by Charles Oliver

Frozen Time
by Svetlana Sewell

At End of Day III
by restlessd

The End of the Day
by Tarrby

Congratulations to you all.

December 2011

Lois Bryan

You can see Lois’ feature here

Join us in the celebration of our FEATURED ARTIST!!!! Members supporting members….
♥Anna & Rhonda

Bob Culshaw Bob Culshaw 1864 posts

Anna and Rhonda, thank you so much for the feature I am honoured and delighted to have my work included in such an awesome collection. Congratulations to the other artists.

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1964 posts

I am honored to be featured :))) Happy Dance!! congrats to everyone :)))

JKKimball JKKimball 97 posts

Such a Fantastic collection of work! Such an honor to be included! John

Tarrby Tarrby 1280 posts

Thank you so much Anna and Rhonda, I’m delighted to be featured in this great collection.

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4119 posts

I am so thrilled & honored to be included with the featured art today!!! Thank you so much Anna :o)

Congratulations to everyone, we had a wonderful time selecting these beauties!!!


Catherine Hamilton-Veal  © Catherine Hami... 185 posts

Thank you both so very much, for featuring my work among all these lovely artists.x

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4929 posts

Nice! Congrats all!

Andrew Nawroski Andrew Nawroski 1126 posts

Great work!! love them all.

linmarie linmarie 2525 posts

amazing, inspirational and pure beauty,, congratulations everyone!!!

Sherryll  Johnson Sherryll Johnson 221 posts

Such wonderful creative work here—-excellent choices. Congratulations everyone!