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"U" is for Uniforms - challenge closed

Manon Boily Manon Boily 2866 posts

Congratulations to Carole-Anne who won with her nice picture. congratulations to all the top 10. very well done ;)

Scottish Highland Pipe & Drum Band
by Carole-Anne

Top 10

Security In The Vatican
by phil decocco

The Navy Ashore In Lyme, Dorset
by lynn carter

by Arie Koene

English Town Crier
by trish725

Doncaster Wheatsheaf Girls Choir
by Sue Gurney

by TonyCrehan

Conductor on the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad
by Nancy Richard

Ready! Aim! Fire!
by Jack Ryan

Oops! yer kilt's caught on the rope
by myraj

Jack Ryan Jack Ryan 72 posts

Outstanding collection..I’m delighted to be included.

phil decocco phil decocco 539 posts

great images all! Love seeing the work of so many talented folks. Bravo to all!

Carole-Anne Carole-Anne 374 posts

Thank you for the votes.

trish725 trish725 4225 posts

Congratulations everyone and thank you for the votes that got the English Town Crier included in this list :-)

lynn carter lynn carter 606 posts

Congrats to all these great shots, l’m so pleased to be included xx