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Features G for Girl

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 563 posts

Congratulations to those featured today.. and apologies.. there are only 11 not 12 (I accidently removed the 12th image I planned to feature) sorry!

Bathing Beauty
by RightSideDown

An angel on earth
by Alan Mattison IPA

Avery ~
by Renee Blake

Kristen At Play
by Larry3

by sandygrafik

joy of spring
by gruntpig

by Azellah

Girl with a Heart
by Ethna Gillespie

~ The pure in heart ~
by Donna Keevers Driver

Lazy Day
by Jane Brack

Girl in Glasses, Brunswick Street Markets, Brisbane.
by David Mellor

sandygrafik sandygrafik 144 posts

Wonderful gallery! Thank you so much for including my work “Cadence” alongside the work of such amazing artists!

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 812 posts

Congratulations to all featured :)

Jane Brack Jane Brack 630 posts

Wonderful feature and I’m so happy to be included! Thank you Bevlea! Congrats to all!