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Alphabet Soup (X is for Anything with an X)

Images from A to Z with regular features & challenges based on a different letter of the alphabet. Please read the rules before submitting work

Features for the letter R is for Rain

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 812 posts

R is for Rain Features…

Congratulations to this weeks fantastic features for the Letter R, please take a moment to congratulate our featured members :)

We need your votes for S is for Selective Color $$$RB voting closes in 4 days…. cant wait to see the results of this challenge, we have so many fantastic images :)

This week we are looking for T is for Transportation this week – 1 image per member please

Rain on my Window
by Yannik Hay

wash away
by ARIANA1985

What a lovely day
by wulfman65

Hurricane Sandy is outside..
by Jessica Liatys

Wet Water Lily
by KimSha

by Spiritinme

Trying to hide my tears…
by Qnita

The Crime
by Richard Gerhard

Rain, glorious rain!
by Prettyinpinks

Bus ride at London
by bubblehex08

My #dog filby reflected in a puddle today taken on my #galaxynexus
by Heather Buckley

When the Rain Comes
by Jane Brack

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 937 posts

Way cool….Thank you so much….congrats to everyone…fantastic work by all

Heather Friedman Heather Friedman 1269 posts

Who would have thought that rain could be a wprlk of art! These artists knew!! Congratulations!

Jazzy724 Jazzy724 313 posts

Congratulations!!! Wonderful features!!!

Jane Brack Jane Brack 630 posts

So great to be included! Thank you Melissa! Congrats to all! What a great collection!

Spiritinme Spiritinme 705 posts

Fantastic collection! Congratulations to all artists!

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 563 posts

super wonderful images.. congrats to all featured!