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Features O is for Orange

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 555 posts

Please congratulate the featured artists in O is for Orange.. Gawd!! what a hard task to pick ONLY 12 from the amazing images submitted….

congrats all!

Laguna de Tamiahua
by Elias Martinez

Rock Star
by Sheri Bawtinheimer

Organic, Orange
by Jay Taylor

Early birds…
by Qnita

Red sand falls as silk
by Owed to Nature

Orange Blossom
by ZWC Photography

sunset activity at 'the notch', la push, washington, usa
by dedmanshootn

Hot colors
by JuliaPaa

The Sunset Committee
by shutterbug2010

Morning Thunder
by flyrod

Golden August
by Arla M. Ruggles

Rose! by Photography
by Mathilde

shutterbug2010 shutterbug2010 244 posts

What a striking collection of visual treats!! Congratulations to all on your featured work, I am honored to have my piece “The Sunset Committee” included!! Thanks Bevlea and Melissa!!

ZWC Photography ZWC Photography 30 posts

We are honored and humbled to be included among these fine works. Our congratulations to all. Aloha

Jay Taylor Jay Taylor 227 posts

Thank you for including my ‘Organic, Orange’ in this wonder-full collection – brilliant work, everybody! :o)

dgscotland dgscotland 1165 posts

Truly beautiful selection..makes me feel all warm and cosy in this cold weather :-)

Owed To Nature Owed To Nature 1142 posts

Thank you Bevlea for the honor and pleasure for a truly enriching collection of color and inspiration! Congratulations to all the Artists featured!

Jazzy724 Jazzy724 313 posts

Beautiful Works Of Art!! Congratulations To All!!!

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 808 posts

What stunning collections of images… Congratulations to you all xxx

Qnita Qnita 5541 posts

Thank you for the feature!
Congratulations everyone!

Manon Boily Manon Boily 3246 posts

this is so beautiful! congratulations ;)

EdsMum EdsMum 20386 posts

Congratulations to all, Shirley