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This challenge closed 10 months ago.

The Challenge

Please submit your best images of light trails:

A line recorded on film resulting from movement of a point of light (or camera movement) during the exposure. Star trails are one example.

Judging / Voting Criteria

If you enter you must vote. Vote for as many as you wish.

Rewards & Prizes

Banner for Winner and Top Ten
Winner will be featured on homepage & Hall of Fame & Top Ten will be featured.
REMEMBER your work cannot be featured if it’s not in the Group.

Additional Information

You may submit your images direct to the challenge, they do not have to be in the group – however, if you wish to be eligible for a feature – you need to submit to both challenge and group. Please check group rules – you may submit a maximum of TWO images per week that fit the weeks challenge.

Images that have previously won a challenge in this group may NOT re-enter please submit a new image

Any image that does not fit the rules of the group or challenge will be removed without notice

Cover Image: Happy New Year !! by Colin J Willia...


The Top Ten

Happy New Year !! by Colin J Williams Photography

Happy New Year !! by Colin J Willia... was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Star trails over Mount Rushmore National Memorial by Alex Preiss
  • Batman by Eve Parry
  • Shine by Ladymoose
  • Steel Wool Light Play by Elaine Teague
  • Startrail II | Brisbane City by NickVerburgt
  • Stars vortex by andreisky
  • Who needs lanes? by Tim Coleman
  • Starry Archway by Michael Damanski
  • The Evening Rush by Adam Northam

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  1. C is for CLOWN

    C is for CLOWN

    please submit your images of CLOWNs, no previous winners please! :-)

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  1. B is for BAKED GOODS

    B is for BAKED GOODS

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