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All Write Now ☼ 1000w (plus) excerpts of larger works over 25,000w please!

A group for NOVELISTS' works of over 15,000 words in length - A place of friendship and support, encouragement and constructive help

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About This Group

We want to support Novelists in their long marathon writing efforts. To offer a place for them to show what they have achieved “thus far” and discuss what still needs to happen. A welcoming place to ask for and receive help to explore better avenues, more information and editing assistance and to stay focused on and enthusiastic for their work!

WRITING Submissions by the chapter or excerpts of over 2,000w at a time
☼ Artworks within written works or journals accepted provided they are noted as inspiration or focus for work or as book cover ideas / illustrations etc.
This will be a group we do everything in the Forums of!

○ Forums will discuss the importance of “why and how” in questions & answers regarding
• character, • language, • voices, • plot, • intrigue, • clues, • morals, • lessons, • detail
• styles, • continuity, • depth, • formatting, • layout, • chapters, • parts, • layering, • quoting
• ideology, • plausibility, • keeping the interest, • tying up the threads • make sense of it
• editing, • spelling & grammar, • proofreading • and the various ways of publishing
○ Forums will also be venues for you to request useful constructive critique of your work in detail NB : Critique the work and not the writer!
○ Forums will also be a place for philosophy and THRITING (thinking as you write)
If we create ideas and theories in Journals & then link them into the appropriate forum threads
Then we can toss about ideas and hone our own philosophies.

☼ CHALLENGES (in the forum)
Challenges could include
◘ “FREE 15” Monthly Free theme 15000w marathon
– to write a 15000w story beginning or excerpt
– to just create and let the juices flow

◘ 2000w Themed pieces for working on later- write a chapter(ish) about an incident that can be used later in a work• beginnings & births, • endings & deaths, • love & like,• sensuality & sex, • fight & flight, • comedy & tragedy• activity & action, • clues & clueless, etc◘ 1000w character analysis- write 1000 words about one character in notation of who that character is• appearance, • status, • employment, • hobbies• ideals, • dreams, • history, • accomplishments,• family, • friends, • enemies, • idols,

Enjoy your writing!

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