All Water in Motion and Reflections in Water (A Camera In The Description Before It Will Be Accepted)_2 PER 24HRS ONLY_PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY!!

A collection of Images with MOVING water as the MAIN SUBJECT


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3 months ago by Sharon Kavanagh
Comment Waterfalls in Autum
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Congrats to Dan Myers for his challenge win in All Water in Motion with the image R.B.Ricketts Falls

almost 5 years ago by kathy s gillentine
Comment Merry Christmas everyone
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I have spent the last two days clearing images from the group. I have brought it from 445 pages to 319. I did not delete the features. So lets see what we have for the brand new year. Please lets try to submit only your best work. Thanks again from y

Comment Challenge win and New Avatar to start 2010!!!
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Congrats to David Orias for his January Avatar Challenge win in All Water in Motion and Reflections in Water

over 4 years ago by Alex Preiss
Comment WOW I am so very sorry for the delay!!
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I want to express my congrats to the latest challenge winner…Starlightss with the entry of Banner proposal

Thank you for the s

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