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A Kaleidoscope Kraze (One Upload Per Day)

Traditional Square-Canvas Kaleidoscope Art Prints


  • Silky Rose by Elaine Teague
  • Green Pattern Kaleidoscope by fantasytripp
  • Faces by doubleheader
  • Fractal Fantasia No 1 by CharmaineZoe
  • Fabulous Fractals No.1 by CharmaineZoe
  • Courgettes à la ronde by Yampimon
  • Coiled Reflections 1 by Richard Maier
  • Coiled Reflections 12 by Richard Maier
  • The Object of Our Adoration by owlspook
  • Crystalline Reflections 5 by Richard Maier
  • this is the garden: colours come and go by VenusOak
  • Harmony No. 48 by Lyle Hatch
  • Amoeba 20 by Richard Maier
  • Karmic Wheel by Infinite Path  Creations
  • Ruggie by Yampimon
  • Crystalline Reflections 13 by Richard Maier
  • Florentina Mandala by Richard H. Jones
  • Sculpture Kaleidoscope Pattern  by fantasytripp