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A Kaleidoscope Kraze (One Upload Per Day)

Traditional Square-Canvas Kaleidoscope Art Prints

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Comment Group News
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Important Stuff!

4 days ago by owlspook
Comment Introductions
2 topics 10 posts

Stop by and introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

almost 6 years ago by owlspook
Comment General Discussion
5 topics 17 posts
almost 7 years ago by freeflower
Comment New Features!
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Weekly Feature Info

Comment Challenge Winners!
1 topic 2 posts

Info about our Challenge Winners!

almost 7 years ago by owlspook
Comment Thank You!
28 topics 70 posts

Here’s a space to write all your Thank You’s!

over 4 years ago by owlspook
Comment Kaleidoscope Software
1 topic 64 posts

A place to share what software you found that creates kaleidos and which ones you use.
it is not for any “tips, tricks or tutorials” about the kaleido software … there a a forum specifically for that … when we identify programs used we’ll add more

almost 3 years ago by owlspook
Comment Tips, Tricks and Tutorials!
7 topics 22 posts

Share what you’re learned about creating your Kaleidoscope prints and posters!

over 6 years ago by owlspook
Comment Promote Our Work
1 topic 5 posts

Here we can share and learn how to promote our work

about 4 years ago by owlspook
Comment I Sold a Kaleidoscope Print!!!
2 topics 9 posts

Here’s were you can let us all know which kaleidoscope prints or posters that you’ve sold! Share the Joy! (big smile)

over 6 years ago by owlspook
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