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All Things Natural in the British Isles.(NO pets, farm animal portraits nor non-native plants)

Group Rules:

A serious point to note is that even though this group is about taking Photographs of the natural world in the UK and having fun, Please remember there are a number of species in and around our shores which are protected by law. Please Please concider our wildlife before you go out with you camera, Our Co Host Jon Lees Who is a Wildlife Officer can give you valuable information and help you make the right choice when looking to photograph these Species in their natural habitat


Bridges Castles or other man made Structures are not permitted and will be deleted without comment. Please note repeat Offenders will be ejected from the group. The Hosts decision being final

native species only

Migratory Birds and insects are accepted providing the location is stated where photographed. Simple rule of thumb on birds and insects is if its in the uk you can photograph it. however No Location Stated may result in the image being deleted with no warning.

Please help keep this Group as described by only posting Images of your best work.