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All Things Natural in the British Isles.(NO pets, farm animal portraits nor non-native plants)

Nature shots taken in the Britain Isles ( England Wales Scotland, Ireland and associated islands)


  • Little fox heading home  by widdy170
  • Beautiful grey heron by widdy170
  • Orange is the new green  by widdy170
  • Wood Anemone by RedGrouse
  • Little coot laying on her eggs ! by widdy170
  • Moorhen feeding her baby. by Sara Sadler
  • Mallard Duckling by Sara Sadler
  • A line of Mallard ducklings following their mother by Sara Sadler
  • Heath Spotted Orchid by lezvee
  • Sandwood Bay by derekbeattie
  • Sandwood Bay by derekbeattie
  • The Quiraing Isle of Skye by derekbeattie
  • Kelly Hall Tarn Reflections by RedGrouse
  • A yellow tulip flower set against a colourful background by Sara Sadler
  • Lapwing by mikebov
  • Swan heading for shelter from the rain by widdy170
  • Beautiful swan on spring wet morning by widdy170
  • End of a beautiful day by widdy170