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**Features October 25th 2011**

Evita Evita 15080 posts

Hello everyone,

We have 18 wonderful new features, do stop by to view and congratulate the artists!
All images are click-able

Foxes – 1716
by DutchLumix

Antelope Canyon – Arizona
by Melissa Seaback

Out and About to Munch
by justrick

Autumn Highlights
by Paula Oakley

Golden Light- Wonga Wetlands, NSW
by Cameron B

Northern Saw-whet Owl Talons
by Daniel Cadieux

by NewfieKeith

Early Morning Blues
by Pam Hogg

King for a Day
by 11th-Dimension

Pink Anemonefish, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
by Allan Saben

Lion’s Mimic
by Henry Jager

by james smith

Velvet Pillow
by NewfieKeith

Napkin Please
by Michael Moss

Early Fall Is Best
by Charles and Patricia Harkins

Female Galah. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
by Ralph de Zilva

Red fox puppies
by Remo Savisaar

by Karue

Congratulations to all featured artists… Beautiful works !!!!!
Wewish all our members a wonderful day!
Your Hosts ☺♥

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1788 posts

Congrats to everyone! I am doubly honored to have two featured!! Thank you

11th-Dimension 11th-Dimension 48 posts

Congrats to the featured artists. Thank you for including one of my photos.

virginian virginian 13266 posts

Congrats to all !

irideus irideus 3 posts

Beautiful! Well done, all!

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4608 posts

Stunning Work! Congratulations Featured Artists!

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3725 posts

fantastic work, all…..huge congratulations!

Eileen McVey Eileen McVey 268 posts

Great selection. Thanks for making them clickable.

Marjorie Wallace Marjorie Wallace 1122 posts

outstanding works A beautiful collection of features. Congrats to all!

Ellanita Ellanita 860 posts

Fantastic images congratulations !!!