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Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE ~ FEATURE GALLERY ~ September 10th, 2013

Evita Evita 13490 posts

Hello everyone,

New features are up… for this week we have 42 outstanding works…
Do join us in congratulating the artists… all images are click-able… and will take you the artist’s work


A Saint She Ain't
by TeresaB

Small Copper butterfly
by Rivendell7

Picture Lake
by Tracy Friesen

The Golden Present
by Lucinda Walter

92 Turaco
by pcfyi

the fallen
by james smith

Maroon Bells – First Light
by Stephen Beattie

Lake District Variations ..
by Mike Waldron

A roll in the Dust
by Karine Radcliffe

Western Rattlesnake
by BGSPhoto

Afternoon light, Lake Dove
by Kevin McGennan

Here's lookin' at you, kid!
by AuntDot

The Wonder of Wild Horses
by Kent Keller

by grsphoto

by waxyfrog

by Chuck Wickham

Arctic Wolf
by WolvesOnly

The Sugar Bird
by Johanna26

TAG!! ~ You Are IT!!
by barnsis

Hole In The Wall – Antelope Canyon – Arizona USA
by TonyCrehan

I think I have a bug under here (best viewed large)
by imagetj

Sunset at Perry Dunes
by Peter Hammer

Great Sand Dunes – Morning Sun
by Stephen Beattie

Natural Beauty
by VanishingMoment

Dream Weaver
by vigor

by Mieke Boynton

by Ana Belaj

Yellow Rumped Warbler
by Michael Cummings

A Glimmer of Hope – Flinders, Victoria, Australia
by Sean Farrow

Malachite Kingfisher
by Linda Sparks

Forest Light
by Karen Ilari

Silent Sentinels in the Sunset.
by Dan Wagner

Sand Dunes
by algill

The Beginning
by Arfan Habib

Golden bog
by Remo Savisaar

by leonie7

Divine Eyes
by Miles Moody

Ironically Beautiful
by Ken McElroy

Guard Tower
by Cat M

Macro Image of a Dragonfly
by John Gaffen

Highland Cattle
by Henry Jager

Cormorant Reflections
by byronbackyard


Congratulations to all artists featured today !!!!!

Randy Richards Randy Richards 676 posts

So many excellent shots! It was a joy to get to view all of them, much less in one place!

waxyfrog waxyfrog 523 posts

Wow, such beautiful works. I can’t believe mine is included. Thank you do much and congratulations to you all

TonyCrehan TonyCrehan 148 posts

A wonderful collection Evita. I am proud to have my work included with these beauties. Congratulations everyone.

Karine Radcliffe Karine Radcliffe 523 posts

Thank you so much for including my work in this great selection, I feel honored. Congratulations everyone!!

Rivendell7 Rivendell7 91 posts

What a wonderful collection, a delight to look at all of them, and I am so grateful you have included one of mine.
Such a beautiful selection. Nice one, all!!
All the best,
Dave ;-)

byronbackyard byronbackyard 240 posts

Such a beautiful collection, fabulous work from everyone!

Ana Belaj Ana Belaj 3363 posts

I am greatly honored to have my picture included in this glorious gallery.Thank you so much,and congratulations to all the other featured artists!

imagetj imagetj 571 posts

Wow such a beautiful selection

Michael Cummings Michael Cummings 40 posts

Thank you very much for the feature.

Tracy Friesen Tracy Friesen 328 posts

Such wonderful features, I’m so pleased to be included! Thank you!

paintingsheep paintingsheep 1113 posts

Gorgeous nature images, Evita!! Congrats to all the artists!! Gena

Ken McElroy Ken McElroy 106 posts

An honor to join this wonderful selection of images – sincere thanks to the hosts and congrats to fellow honorees.

AuntDot AuntDot 5542 posts

So happy to be included in this wonderful selection! Thank you, and congratulations to my fellow featured artists!

John Gaffen John Gaffen 14 posts

Beautiful collection of images, I’m pleased to be included in such a fine collection. Congrats to all!

Mike  Waldron Mike Waldron 182 posts

Stunning work by everyone – many thanks for including mine : )

Karen Ilari Karen Ilari 62 posts

Such beauty! A joy to view!

vigor vigor 8094 posts

This is quite a display of wonderful works! Congrats to all the talented artists. Thank you Evita for choosing mine to be among them!!!

Stephen Beattie Stephen Beattie 57 posts

Wow!! A two-fer!! Thank you for including my images in this wonderful collection of features!!

TeresaB TeresaB 2652 posts

Huge Congratulations to all featured artists!! Such a beautiful collection Evita!! Thank you so much for including my St Helens.

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3800 posts

Spectacular!! Wonderful dedicated work, Evita!

VanishingMoment VanishingMoment 2 posts

amazing photographs all of them honoured to be in the same class as you all. congratulations to all the photographers

Johanna26 Johanna26 156 posts

A fantastic selection Evita and thanks so much for including mine ….and for the work you have put into this..
Congratulations to all the featured artists for their most wonderful work .. Johanna

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9623 posts

I’m so honored to be included with these beautiful works. Thanks much, dear Evita!