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"""""Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE- 2 per day"""""

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Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE ~ FEATURES ~ January 29th, 2013

Evita Evita 14852 posts

Hello everyone,

Tuesday featurfes are up……….24 fabulously beautiful works………..do join us in congratulating the artists….all images are click-able.


by AngelaHumphries

by Rosemary Sobiera

Brothers / Red Fox Kits
by Ted Busby

Puffin in pinks, Saltee Island, County Wexford, Ireland
by Andrew Jones

Red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa), Scotland
by Gabor Pozsgai

by Andrew Wilson

Reflections of another world.
by Warren Patten

Come Give Me A Hug
by imagetj

Hungry Blackbird
by Susan Duffey

Triplet Falls.
by Julie White

Ladrum Bay
by John Morrison

by Chris Chalk

by DavidsArt

Sandpaper kisses
by Elizabeth Kendall

by John44

Last Sip………………..
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

Reflection in the Gulf
by alamarmie

A Winter's Tale
by Constance Widen

Under Heaven's Skies – South Carolina Style
by Marsha Free

Wintery park Landscape
by Sandra Caven

Moonlighting Eagle
by Dan Wagner

My Wolf : The kiss of the wolf
by Poete100

A Velvet Dawn
by Stuart Chapman

by byronbackyard


Congratulations to all artists featured today !!!!!

Ted Busby Ted Busby 588 posts

Congrats on all featured members’ work. Excellent!

byronbackyard byronbackyard 281 posts

Lovely work from everyone!

Jane  mcainsh Jane mcainsh 1343 posts

stunning selection congratulations !!!!

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3291 posts

Beautiful features – congratulations!

Julie  White Julie White 90 posts

Congratulations to all fellow artists outstanding work.

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2331 posts

Thanks so much, congrats to ALL featured!

Poete100 Poete100 1330 posts

Thank you so much for featuring my photo!!! Congrats to all the others!

Susan Duffey Susan Duffey 112 posts

Thanks for including my felt and congratulations to all

Marsha Free Marsha Free 278 posts

Thank you for including my work with so many beautiful pieces! I am honored! Congrats to all featured artists!

imagetj imagetj 605 posts

Wow amazing photos congrats to all

Rosemary Sobiera Rosemary Sobiera 281 posts

Amazing selection! Thank you for including my flamingos! I am honoured! :)

jwmphotos jwmphotos 345 posts

Such a wonderful selection Evita! I am thrilled to have my work featured alongside these artists!

Chris Chalk Chris Chalk 1628 posts

They are incredible works of art by talented artists, congratulations one & all :)

alamarmie alamarmie 208 posts

Thank you so much Evita. This is the group I have aspired to get featured in, what a lovely surprise when I signed in this morning. All of the artists in the group are so so talented. It’s a big YaY! Congratulations to all the featured artists this week!!

Conoro Conoro 143 posts

Such amazing work, congratulations to all and thank you so much for featuring my collage Evita :-)

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4997 posts

Awesome Selection! Congratulations to all of you on your well deserved features!