Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE- 2 per day

*New Group Rules-Please Read*

Nature In Its Entirety-NOTHING MAN MADE New Avatar 2012

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The Challenge

New r Avatar Challenge
Submit your favorite image (photo or painting)
Make sure that is first submitted to the group and approved, remember nothing man-made.
Please read carefully the rules and guidelines of the group.
Do not enter work that has already won in this group.
Thank you !

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote… vote…
More than one vote per member is allowed
Please note
Soliciting votes is not allowed
Let your work win on it’s on merit

Rewards & Prizes

Winning image will be the group’s new avatar
Avatar Winner will be a featured member and interviewed, also Image will be displayed on the Group’s Homepage.
Bragging rights

Additional Information

Entries that are not in the gallery will be removed from the challenge, even if voting has started to be fair to those that follow the rules.
Follow the challenge and group’s guidelines.
If the work doesn’t comply with the said rules and guidelines it will be removed without notice.
Thank you!
Have FUN

Cover Image: The Proud Frog by Istvan froghunter


The Top Ten

I don't think that you should come any closer!! by BigCatPhotos

I don't think that you should come any closer!! by BigCatPhotos was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Castaway Heron by Monte Morton
  • Heron at Sunset  by Megan Noble
  • Magnolia by Marina Raspolich
  • Victoria Crowned Pigeon by steppeland
  • Hare's-Tail Grass by marens
  • Swan Pair On Ice by A.M. Ruttle
  • Miserably without you baby... by Yool
  • I've got that grassy feeling (Free State, South Africa) by Mauds
  • Two False Clown Anemonefish, Kapalai, Sabah, Malaysia by Erik Schlogl

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