All things related to the worlds best drug.....COFFEE!

Recent Work

  • Granny Smith Apple Pie by joeyartist
  • Caffeine isn't a drug! by Maree  Clarkson
  • Australian Light Horseman by Dianne  Ilka
  • Coffee in Style by Karen E Camilleri
  • Cream Puff by Karen E Camilleri
  • Nespresso DiSaronno by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Coffee Anyone? by Joshua McDonough
  • Coffee Art by v-something
  • Café Hey SCHAFFNER ~ Huglfing by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Ziltoid Needs COFFEE by VanHogTrio
  • Latte Art by goodieg
  • Espresso by goodieg

About This Group

Any image that depicts coffee will be accepted. It may be an image of a cafe`, with people enjoying un caffe` latte, or maybe a picture of a coffee machine. Coffee means so many things to so many different people, It may be your pick me up in the mornings, or something to enjoy over lunch in a trendy cafe` with friends. For those of you that work in the hospitality industry, making coffee is now an artform, with faces and butterflies appearing on the tops of our coffees. Just make sure you show the group your best and let’s keep the quality high!

If you have an image of a mug (with or without coffee, maybe with tea?), consider contributing it to Cups, Mugs & Jugs

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