All things Egyptian

A group dedicated to Egypt, including Ancient Egyptians, all media welcome.

Recent Work

  • Mr Mummific's Dinner Party by Leenasart
  • egyptian queen mandala by indusdreaming
  • cernunnos mandala by indusdreaming
  • satanic mandala by indusdreaming
  • Ancient Egyptian Funerary Scroll pre 944 BC by Skye Ryan-Evans
  • Dawn of Anubis  by cybercat
  • Rock Formations, White Desert, Egypt by Petr Svarc
  • Statue of Falcon God Horus, Edfu by Petr Svarc
  • Egyptian Ankh by Cleave
  • Egyptian Pharaoh Portrait by Elizabeth Lock
  • Pharaoh in Blue by Elizabeth Lock
  • SYNERGY by shadowlea

About This Group

This group made the Daily wrap, on the 11th feb 2009, well done everyone
This group is moderated, please read the guidelines and rules, 2 images per day
This is a group for all those who love both Modern and Ancient Egypt.
This is the place to share your images of the Gods of the Ennead, artefacts from the past, temples, tombs, modern city life in Cairo, the wildlife of Egypt or a trip up the Nile.
Your art or written piece must be specifically Egyptian in nature.
Generic images will be considered if the artist can show the relationship between their work and Ancient/Modern Egypt in their description.
We accept all media on the topic of Egypt, provided it is described clearly.
If you love Egypt as much as we do, you will want to share your knowledge.
Please ensure your work has been accepted into the group prior to entering challenges.

Challenge winner’s page

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