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  • juddarwin

    life/death, no paradox 2 (thanks! RosaCobos) by juddarwin

    what we pass on’s
    not our children
    but our bio
    ‘more stars than sands!’…

    e’en in the prick
    of the needle
    a universe,
    if: sands/dust
    stars of other

    more mini
    our sand their stars
    we can’t rea

    282 words
  • juddarwin

    unscroled haiku auto bio truths / the kiss by juddarwin

    it grows, deaths shadow
    death, e’en though no body there
    takes corpses all, he.
    but, first the fingers
    oh no, just the nails thereof
    regular as hair
    & then my body
    well rot, then, the food for him
    me not ho…

    127 words

    Why Eggs for Easter? by HELUA

    The habit of eating Eggs at Easter has to do with celebrating the Fertility of the animated Nature. In the great Finnish epos of Kalevala the World is Created out of a Waterbird´s Egg.

    286 words
  • Gerry  Temple

    Ancient Church Stones by Gerry Temple

    If stones could speak what tales could they tell
    Dragged from the hillside by beast or man
    Cleared from barren slopes by the starving
    But even in their worst moments time for prayer
    To take these rugged …

    123 words