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All That's Archaeology - only 2 works per 24 hours per artist please!

Group Rules:

Obviously, we’d like to maintain a fairly high standard of quality of work submitted but will consider everything and will be fairly relaxed about it. If work does get rejected or removed please don’t take it personally. Where we can we’ll try and be constructive in helping you improve your work for resubmission. Old photos are acceptable – if you have a groovy dig photo from the 60s or 70s (or earlier times) don’t be afraid to show off those flared jeans!!

We’d like to keep it to 2 works submitted per day from each artist, though the number of works is unlimited at this time … however, please keep other members in mind and try not to clog the front page. We want your work, but not all at once :o)

In the case of Challenges, please make sure the work is uploaded as a contribution the group before entering. I think this is the standard procedure for most groups.

Please stick to the basic redbubble guidlines for groups and good conduct. Help and encourage people where possible, be constructive and just enjoy! If you really like someone’s work, be sure to give them compliments and comments :o) Keep it flowing and as interactive as possible.

If there is any need for a member to be removed for any reason, such as anti-social behaviour, we will give prior warning, though we hope that this will never have to happen.


Anything that’s archaeology or related and in any form you like!
If you have a thing for ranging rods, tripods or dumpy levels, or buckets or wheelbarrows that’s perfectly OK!! :o)
Site working shots, people, features and all of it.
Art, photography and writing will all be open to consideration.
Try and give a little background information with your contributions – some facts, anecdotal or anything that helps others understand what they’re looking at. Some may be aware of certain places and things for the first time, so it helps to give a little perspective.


We do NOT accept pictures of architecture where no archaeological link is made:

BUILDINGS should be disused or not used for their original purpose OR should show (with explanation) some archaeological features or interest (uncovered wall paintings, blocked windows, different phases of construction, etc) OR should be part of a nationally or internationally recognised Heritage site.

BRIDGES may be accepted if they are very old or if they are unusual in their construction in some way – again, textual explanation is advised in such cases.

STATUES & ART: is a difficult area for us to define – for now, we will accept art that is pre-Rennaissance (or equivalent in age from Asia or Africa) or prehistoric – though we would prefer it came from an archaeological context (excavations, or a heritage site foe example). More recent art may be acceptable if it has a CLEAR archaeological context/origin.

REPLICAS, RECREATIONS: Craftwork such as baskets or pottery is acceptable if it copies/replicates an archaeological form or technique.

If you aren’t sure if an image fits – try, but please be prepared for rejection. It’s nothing personal, we promise!