All That is Nature (Nothing man-made)

We want to see the natural beauty of the world that man hasn't touched.

Recent Work

  • " Mouse Hunting by mrcoradour
  • Where? by THHoang
  • Rydal Oak by John Dunbar
  • Black Sheep by Sunshinesmile83
  • White Tailed Deer by Sheryl Hopkins
  • Norman Bay Wilsons Promontory, Panorama by Adrian Paul
  • Bougainvillea Sun Delight by Joy Watson
  • Sixspine Leatherjacket, Sydney Harbour by Erik Schlogl
  • Dizzying Heights - Mature Tree on an Essex Farm by BlueMoonRose
  • Lady sings the blues... by Rivendell7
  • Reflected sunset (1) by cathywillett
  • Polar Bear Cub by Carole-Anne

About This Group

Nature is vast and all that is in nature is boundless. Here is the place to showcase all that nature has to offer. From the smallest insect to the tallest tree to the widest ocean, it all has a place here.

Also, the Group Forums are a great place to check out for information and entertainment.

Please make sure to read ALL of the group rules. Thank you

~ This group will be for photography only.
~ Please no pictures of humans or anything man-made, keep your uploads “nature” related.
~ No studio work e.g. still life flowers on solid backgrounds, bowls of fruit, etc.
~ We ask that any photos of animals not be of domestic animals e.g. dogs, cats, parrots, or any other types of pets.
~ Limit your submissions to two works per day.
~ All submissions must be approved before they appear in the group.
~ If you’re not sure about the work, just BM one of the hosts.
~ We also ask that the submitted work have as little post production or digital manipulation as possible, which also means no HDR, montages, frames, compositing, and no selective coloring.. Basically we want as close to “straight out of the camera” as possible, with the exceptions of straightening, b/w, sepia, sharpening and other automatic treatments.

The group hosts reserve the right to remove any photograph, without prior warning to the artist, from the group and/or any challenge that does not adhere to both group and redbubble guidelines and rules.

See the group rules and join this group here