Stitched "Realistic" Panoramas

Group Rules:

1. There needs to be two or more stitches involved.
2. Realistic photos only (What one can see with only the eye)
4. Co-hosts reserve the right to reject any and all photos that they view as unrealistic (What one would not see in real life)
5. Terms of editing- (IF done) Cropping and red eye reduction only- NO textures, tones, or other “Enhancements”
6. NO writing on artwork
7. * The ratio must be listed towards the top of the photo description*
8. For the purpose of this group ratio will be defined as: # of photos across: # of photos up/down
9. The fact that it is “stitched” and not made from any other method like a “premade” method must be listed towards the top of the description.
10.All other Redbubble rules and regulations in effect