All Out Emotion

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  • uncleblack

    new alone by uncleblack

    immense, and invisible,
    the colossal weight,
    hidden by the mysteries of space,

    and the distance
    that it takes,
    to reach or be reached.

    this is a new alone,
    crushed into the fibres of bone,
    like the drill …

    139 words
  • timbuckley

    Unchartered waters by timbuckley

    We got lost in uncharted waters
    No compass, stars or chart
    So we dabbled alone with the secret
    And painted our thoughts in art
    The island untainted by humans
    The birds and the creatures wild
    As our inno…

    400 words
  • oscarelizondo

    Will You Dance With Me by oscarelizondo

    Forgive me for staring at you
    while I walked from far way,
    I wanted to make eye contact
    because I have something to say.

    I’ve notice you sitting there
    on your wheelchair for a long while,

    233 words
  • su2anne

    From here to where… by su2anne

    There are no prayers said
    No sitting Shiva
    Embodied perfection maybe sought but never missed…

    70 words

    Room for ERROR by MINDSET


    84 words
  • Rishani Sittampalam

    Decimate by Rishani Sittam...

    The world falls apart at the seams
    With its missiles they shoot planes from the skies.
    It’s raining
    Corpses from the skies.
    Dead bodies strewn.
    Gaza shoots. Israel shoots. Guns kill.
    Factions ari…

    123 words
  • su2anne

    The Chiaro scuro of life by su2anne

    A life time shared has brought them together
    Indistinct lines of where one starts and the other goes
    Sees their backs to their hardship
    Where they face the road of uncertainty merged…

    147 words
  • Sean McBain

    Walking over you by Sean McBain

    With running sword pointed ahead,
    I walked away many days
    With a cooling determination
    To forget, and to change

    My neck will not crick or turn
    Though I’ve always seen in my head
    The aching, swelling…

    209 words
  • oscarelizondo

    Romancing The Stars by oscarelizondo

    Feeling the blues inside a needy heart and mind made for a wander,
    Off came the shoes and headed for the shores of a little yonder.
    Bright were the skies that lit up the world with a sparkle of smiles,…

    306 words
  • uncleblack

    brushstrokes by uncleblack

    it has taken eighteen years,
    and now you are no longer here,
    i see where the brushstrokes you made
    now also disappear.

    i stand here in this space,
    where you eyes once looked on this place,
    and nobody know…

    170 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    leviathan by Sybille Sterk

    sucking up and
    sucking in
    stiff upper lip
    swallowed tears

    69 words
  • George Coombs

    Candle for MyMother by George Coombs

    my angel
    truly present in
    here…in church
    timeless moment
    anoint the air
    in blessed communion…
    frail flame…
    my gift of light for you…
    i sense your blessing
    dear mum

    39 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    namaste by Anthony DiMichele

    I bow to the spirit in you
    with a lower case pronoun
    the first person singular
    into everything
    a plurality
    ironically a unity
    bonding us in our chaos
    without both of us in each other’s …

    110 words
  • su2anne

    The Possibility… by su2anne

    A proffered heart was suspended
    Truth required
    Could Humanity Accept
    And be healed…

    39 words


    …penetrance, keep going……….

    62 words
  • Vanja Radic

    forbidden to desire. by Vanja Radic

    every time you smile,
    piece of me blends with hidden wanting and drips down your neck…

    every time you look at my eyes,

    [ don’t say a word, just come here and
    shine …

    41 words
  • moonlover

    Go Slow by moonlover

    Live the moment, make it last,
    The moon smiles and waits,
    River says ‘No hurry’
    Birds say the same,
    Flower says ‘I’m chilling out,
    and just making myself pretty.’

    256 words
  • treewalker

    How to Love a Lady..part 2 by treewalker

    No matter which room you use..cover any mirror,because its her you loving (NOT her reflection )

    sit behind her as she is on edge of bed..(NOT ready for wham bamm )

    Stroke her head and hair.close YOUR…

    115 words