All of North Carolina

From the Ocean to the Mountains


  • Jascie Epinn

    Remember This Time From Before by Jascie Epinn

    You know this practice well as you’ve done it before
    Surely enough you’ll remember this time too

    486 words
  • Miles Moody

    "Moonlit Winter Wellspring" A sharing by Miles Moody

    “You ain’t how you feel though in feels true as hell’s parson come ‘a knockin’ August-noon.” She didn’t make the back row of good sense, but them eyes spoke plain enough…

    1196 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    It took me 4 months to write this by Jascie Epinn

    It was like a switch this morning
    I woke up
    Threw the covers off
    Moved my own arms
    Moved my own legs
    Controlled my body, again
    Stopped letting my world
    Melt into past lives
    Stopped watching as it happened

    682 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    George, The Barber by Jascie Epinn

    Heaven is a barber shop
    on the bad side of a Greensboro, North Carolina
    I’ve checked in at the front, my friend.
    Hair doubled with split ends.
    This morning I rode the bus
    from stop to sto…

    250 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Lillith's Abi by Jascie Epinn

    I like the smell of your
    Cologne bottle smashed on the floor
    I like to hear you snore
    Blue boxers hangin’ from the door
    I would do anything, anything
    I wouldn’t give anything, anything

    I like…

    163 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    3,000 Paces East by Jascie Epinn

    Put a picture in your wallet
    And keep it near you everywhere you go
    You’ll never regret
    Because you will step here, step there
    Be born here and end up elsewhere
    You have no choice, no say in the mat…

    437 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    S.O.S. by Jascie Epinn

    My sunglasses reflected
    The wavy blue ocean
    Pouring out deepness
    Pouring in the world’s tears
    Over our feet on the dock

    The water stretched for miles
    The world beneath us quaked
    Yet we were both unaf…

    155 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Friday's Sex Is Shameless by Jascie Epinn

    “The best part of sex for me is the girl’s moan”

    That was my cue to go on
    Go on crying and writhing underneath him
    I dug my nails into his back
    To show he was doing a good job

    1657 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    It's Not Over by Jascie Epinn

    But you have no control
    And he has all the control
    You say no, he says yes, you say later, he says now
    And he’s perfect so you lay there and allow it
    Allow him to force himself into you wildly

    401 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    The Day Before The End of The World by Jascie Epinn

    I remember when the world joined hands
    Smiles filled our glasses on a marble table
    A marble table stretched on miles and miles
    And all the men and women and children
    And the grandparents and aunts and un…

    226 words
  • aprilann

    Host Needed - Classic Artistic Still Life - Host Needed by aprilann

    If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting this group or possible one of the other groups I have saved from being abandoned please let me know.

    109 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Our Sex Was Great, Our Lips Were Cracked by Jascie Epinn

    he couldn’t look more vulnerable. He didn’t need the reassurance. He knew he fucked like a rabbit and was hung like a horse.

    2573 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Remembering First Steps by Jascie Epinn

    Remembering first steps
    A practice maybe dreaded
    The beautiful things that depart
    Lay heavily on our hearts

    Like grass blades just barely
    Sneaking up on flip-flops
    That are now higher educated
    Reminding us…

    243 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    For The Love of Sunday by Jascie Epinn

    Good afternoon, June
    You spoiled month of mine
    I used to shake
    And wait and pine
    Trying to find a way
    To keep myself together.

    The thoughts of walking
    Right into a new day,
    A new universe
    Which cannot be und…

    253 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Point of Collision by Jascie Epinn

    We don’t share our secrets or dreams
    We just keep them in our pockets and believe
    We hold onto the things we think are right
    At least until we’re old enough to die

    356 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Where Did You Go? by Jascie Epinn

    I woke up this morning stewing in thoughts of the past
    I seem to pay time this way as tributes to the monsters in my mind
    Oh, how they constantly remind me of what I’ve let slip so far

    I find mys…

    370 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Come and Go by Jascie Epinn

    Sometimes I think I’m the chosen one
    Living life alone
    Beating blood into this empty heart

    And is it all so wrong?
    Nature responds and I go along
    People are strings to be pulled
    Follicles of hair ju…

    181 words
  • Tara  Henry

    Today the Spirit Paid a Visit! by Tara Henry

    …when I can testify to personally feeling and hearing the True Spirit. Today’s moment tops them all!

    451 words