Group Rules:

RESPECT the integrity of our group. The best groups at Red Bubble are those with clearly identified themes and submission rules that are vigorously enforced. Our rules are designed to HELP get your submissions published. Thanks for your submissions and participation at HORIZONS!

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY: Please submit colorful, panoramic photos of the landscape, cityscape or seascape melded into the distant horizon and beautiful clouds and sun in the skies above. NO artwork, photo manipulations, b/w, sepia or color tinted photos will be accepted.

The FOCUS of your photograph must be the HORIZON. The horizon is the distant, natural boundary between earth and sky. Submit your most beautiful postcards of the SCENIC landscape, cityscape or seascape melding into the beautiful skies overhead.

If the depth of field of your photo is only a few hundred yards… you are not capturing the horizon. A grove of trees, a hill or buildings standing 150 yards distant are not the “horizon”. They are blocking your view of the horizon. Likewise, a shot of the tree tops and clouds overhead does not qualify as a photo of the horizon. A mountain that fills the frame is not a horizon photo. Its a photo of a mountain. Any shot from within a forest will be rejected. You can’t even see the horizon when you’re surrounded by trees.

The 1/3 RULE is a great rule of thumb. For instance, a good HORIZONS photo would generally be 1/3 foreground… 1/3 horizon… and 1/3 sky. Your photo is likely to be rejected if its 10 percent foreground and 90 percent sky or vice-versa.

Include LOCATION in your description: city/county, state/province, country. Group members wish to know what they’re seeing.

NO FRAMED WORKS. Nobody likes having to click twice to see your photo.

NO TEXT allowed on the photo.

NO EMBEDDED IMAGES within your photo. However, multiple photos stitched together to create panoramic views are welcome!

BLUE HOUR: If your photograph was taken in the sixty minutes BEFORE sunrise or the sixty minutes AFTER sunset… please submit your photo instead to our companion group, BLUE HOUR. Day and night time photos will be published here at HORIZONS… and twilight photos at BLUE HOUR.

ENHANCEMENTS (Photomatix, Photoshop, Lightshop, etc) are acceptable as long as your work is clearly identifiable as a photograph. Photos that are unnaturally colored or too heavily processed will be rejected.

ONLY ONE photograph featuring the same subject, please. Choose only your best for submission. If you submit multiple photos from a series, we’ll select one and reject the rest.

LIMIT your submissions to one per day. Maximum of 3 per week. We wish to feature the works of many artists, not just the most prolific photographers.

THE HOSTS reserve the right to reject any work for any reason. Our rules are few, but we will strictly enforce them in fairness to other members and the integrity of the group. We’re looking for quality, well composed and colorful photographs that meet the group’s guidelines. Offenders may be removed from the group.

1) No location in the description.
2) Your photo is framed.
3) Objects and people in the foreground that are the true focus/subject of the photo. For instance, a sailboat featured prominently in the foreground will likely get your photo rejected. A few sailboats far in the distance would not. Same rule applies to people.
4) Extreme close-ups of the sun with only a bit of horizon.
5) Imperfect sun flares. Some sun flares are quite beautiful, others detract from your work.
6) Overly large, artificial sun flares produced by photo editing software. Less is more.
7) Bland, colorless, uninteresting photos. Submit photos with WOW factor!
8) Snapshot type photos with no clear subject and poor composition.
9) Gloomy, foggy, overcast photos. Submit colorful, scenic photographs only.
10) Photos with portions of airplane wings or tails in them. Rules of good composition apply whether you’re at sea level or 10,000 feet up in the air.
11) There’s only a small amount of horizon in the photo. Did we mention the focus of your photo must be the HORIZON? :)