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02 February - Daily Special Wall of Fame

David's Photoshop David's Photoshop 680 posts

#All of the artworks below can enter our February Challenge

Cate Legnoverde Barb LeopoldKaty BreenKensho
phatpuppy Scott BlackGeorge LenzValzart
Melinda Stewart PageCarol KWOBBLYMOLDarkvampire
KindangelPamela Phelps Susan SchwartingSuzannem73
George LenzValzartNumandisArtVeikko Suikkanen
RedtreePamela PhelpsPamela PhelpsPamela Phelps
GolemAuraRosemary ScottBoudoirKandybuttonpresser
Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

What a great idea this is David. I cannot wait to see the submissions.

Valentin Florea Valentin Florea 110 posts

Thank you for choosing my work.

Katy Breen Katy Breen 238 posts

Such a thrill to be chosen for this!!! THANK YOU for the amazing support :))

Scottb1977 Scottb1977 221 posts

Thanks so much for choosing my picture very honoured ;0)

kindangel kindangel 497 posts

My sincere thank you so very much for choosing
this my work, David , really it is great honour for me !!!:)

scottimages scottimages 1877 posts

Such a great honour to see one of my works on this wall. You’ve truly made my day!
Thankyou so much :))

buttonpresser buttonpresser 1434 posts

Thanks for including me in this extraordinary collection.



Thank you so much for adding my work here, i have just been placed in the top ten challenge, i am thrilled, congrats everyone, your work is stunning.