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The Grunge Art Gallery

Group Rules:

1. Only 3 uploads per day. (24 hr period)

2. Must not be straight, clean, pure photographic image.

3. Must have post-production work, whether this is done in the traditional darkroom or digital darkroom – both will be acceptable.

4. Images that belong to this group must include one or more of the following added elements: scratches, grit, text, textures, layers of multiple images, unusual perspective of subjects, unusual colour processing, sepia, B&W together with being torn, grainy, gritty.
For a more detailed description, please look here

5. All subjects will be accepted into this group – as long as they contain the vintage, aged, grunge element – that’s right, that means we accept flowers, pets, children, you name it – as long as they’ve been given the vintage, aged, grunge look.

6. A great guideline to see if this is the group for your images is to refer to the Featured Art.

7. Not all digital art fits this grunge, vintage, aged group – there are other groups that may be better suited to your images, such as Fantasy, Dark Art, Eerie groups.
Because grunge is a subjective genre, acceptance of images into the group will be at the discretion of the group Hosts.

8. There is no limit to the number of images, clothing, journal, writing accepted in this group – as long as it pertains to the group guidelines.

9. If your image is simply sepia or B&W without the added grungey, texture, torn, ripped, scratched – then there are other groups for your image.

10. Members who continually submit inappropriate work will be removed from with group without consultation.