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All Glorious Gardens (Parks, Trees and Shrubs) Scope

Marilyn Cornwell Marilyn Cornwell 3412 posts

I have seen some wonderful images by our group members that fit our group scope and are not in the group. I would like to see all your good work in the group where there’s a match up with the group scope. It’s a wonderful scope that showcases gardens in photographic, digital and traditional art images.

This group showcases the artist’s and photographer’s eye in bringing garden beauty to life – whether it is a created garden or one finds it in nature.

Our scope INCLUDES:
1. landscape images, sections of gardens, and elements of gardens
2. paths, walls, roadways
3. benches, chairs, sitting areas, statues,
4. water features, water falls, water pools and ponds
5. floral, tree, and shrub plantings and planting combinations
6. planting design, and garden ornaments and focal points
7. specimen trees, shrubs and plants and parts of them such as branches and leaves
8. floral specimens should have 5-7 flowers displayed to distinguish them from floral portraits
9. wild flower fields and wild flower combinations
10. farm planting/landscapes – examples include vineyards, lavender farms, crop fields and plantings
11. natural gardens in parks and wild areas, where they have some element of garden design (e.g. a fence or path or designed planting).
12. a single flower is in the foreground with a garden setting in the background – may not be in focus but is clearly a garden

Our group EXCLUDES:
1. single flowers or floral portraits – if a single flower is in the foreground it would have a garden setting in the background.
2. portrait images of people, animals or birds where they are the focus and the garden is a background to the image – a setting only.

Please look through your wonderful portfolios and see if there are some images you would like to add to the group. I’ve seen some great images that are flowering branches and tree branches that would be a great fit for the group.

If you have any ideas on the group and scope, send me a bmail.


Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7684 posts

Hi Marilyn, thank you for explaining what you accept! You accept so much, I didn’t realise! I will add a couple of new pictures that you include in this group! Thanks again, Vicki :)))))))))))) x x x

Monnie Ryan Monnie Ryan 853 posts

Thanks for the info, Marilyn – I wasn’t aware either and haven’t entered quite a few things because they don’t show an official “garden” (or part of one). Will keep this in mind! – Monnie

Eve Parry Eve Parry 883 posts

Thank you Marilyn, I too now have a better idea of what sort of images suite this group.

Carolyn  Fletcher Carolyn Fletcher 150 posts

Great explanation..I wish other groups were as clear!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 20612 posts

Very helpful information – thank you!

MotherNature MotherNature 7273 posts

Extremely helpful!