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All Glorious Gardens - no floral close-ups

Garden Photography Art - no floral close-ups

The Daily Pick - A Hawkshead Alley by Voluntary Ranger

Marilyn Cornwell Marilyn Cornwell 3205 posts

The English Garden is everywhere in every conceivable corner and is so beautifully done. This image is one of several by Jamie Green. They show this traditional alley garden with its winding curve lane up the hill, lined with colourful plants in planters that are set against traditional white-washed homes. For me, it celebrates the times gone by before the angular 20th century architecture that is not very plant-friendly. So the cottage garden is our image today!

A Hawkshead Alley
by VoluntaryRanger

MotherNature MotherNature 7178 posts

If we all had such lovely gardens wouldn’t we be happier, less stressed? Being here would make me walk slower, breathe deeper.

Carolyn  Fletcher Carolyn Fletcher 150 posts

This is gorgeous! I love it!

Monnie Ryan Monnie Ryan 803 posts

Beautiful and inviting!

vaggypar vaggypar 13447 posts

Lovely Work …!

AuntDot AuntDot 5432 posts

Can you imagine the alley without all those beautiful plants and flowers? This is really beautiful!

Aase Aase 262 posts

So beautiful:-)

Jamie  Green Jamie Green 432 posts

Thanks Marilyn for showcasing my favourite Hawkshead shot.I agree so much with Mother Nature above.A great place tp de-stress. Jamie

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 1887 posts

I call this “Quaint” – lovely shot. Congratulations!