All Glorious Gardens

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Recent Work

  • Matheson Creek Farm - Okanagan Falls by Amy Mitchell
  • Summer Dreaming - Linden Gardens by Amy Mitchell
  • Garden bench by Maggie Hegarty
  • Red Umbrella by Igor Zenin
  • Vegie Patch by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • Edge of the Deck by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • Thorny Patterns - Jewel Toned Berries by the Fence by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Blue Balcony by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • A resting place by Lyn Evans
  • The Bridge at Giverny by lizzyforrester
  • Petal strewn pathway, into the light.... by lizzyforrester
  • Mountain by Alexandru Barbaneagra

About This Group

We’re an ACTIVE Group – Dec 18, 2016 – Greetings from the Holidays!

This is a group about beautiful gardens. Gardens have existed through the ages, and endure because of their beauty and the joy they bring. This group showcases the artist’s and photographer’s eye in bringing garden beauty to life.

Our scope focus is on images of gardens, sections of gardens, and elements of gardens such as paths, walls, water features, sitting areas, plantings, planting combinations and planting design, and garden ornaments and focal points. We are interested in specimen trees, shrubs and plants, along with garden floral plantings.

We enjoy natural gardens in parks and wild areas, where they have some element of garden design (e.g. a fence or path or designed planting). We enjoy farm gardens where they display these garden elements.

Notes on Group Exclusions
- NO Macrosno floral portraits or any foliage or leaf portraits.
- NO insects, animals, birds or people as the main focus
- NO scenic landscapes – e.g. mountains, oceans, prairies, and big sky and cloud

By submitting your images to the group, please be aware that they may be used within the group for features, forums, avatar, challenge images, showcases of featured members and promotion of your work on the overview page and in overview page compilations. We seek to promote our members and their excellent work.

Our sister group is All Glorious Lilies

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