We Love Wilbur! - The GIMP Software User Group

Group Rules:

  • 1. Only upload art and clothing that has been manipulated or created in GIMP. We want to see what you have managed to create with the program.
  • 2. If you have used GIMP in any way to PP your image, then it is welcome into the group. From the mundane (like adjusting the contrast) to weeks of totally lunatic layering, copying, painting and processing, we still want to see it.
  • 3. Please add a note within the art/clothing description to say what you did in the program to let us know that you’ve used GIMP in it’s creation.
  • 4. Journals are welcome, but again they need to be GIMP related please. Tutorials, methods, tips and tricks etc.
  • 5. There are no limits to the number of works that can be uploaded to the group, but please keep it sensible with perhaps 2 or 3 a day so that everyone gets a fair crack at showing what they can do.
  • 6. Be nice to each other and have fun with your creations!