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We Love Wilbur! - The GIMP Software User Group

A group for users of the Open Source Image Manipulation Program, GIMP.

Recent Work

  • Emerging From The Thought Storm by Joanne Jackson
  • Laughing Lizzard by gudiashankar
  • The Owl and the Pussycat by Susie Hawkins
  • Roosevelt, Wrestling. by Pete Janes
  • Flowers and Feathers by LouJay
  • THE SPIRITUAL ONE ...NIRVANA by Sherri Palm Springs  Nicholas
  • Connor by Tugela
  • Little Red Riding Hood.. by Susie Hawkins
  • P1390324 _P1390424 _ElectricSheep _GIMP by Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda]
  • Rickford Church under glass by Susie Hawkins
  • Once Were Pegs by LouJay
  • Mommy & Me by Jacqueline Ison

About This Group

If you’re a user of the GIMP Image Manipulation Program, we’d love to to have you in the group.

Here you can view other works developed and worked with the program as well as submitting your own, ask questions related to performing different tasks and access resources such as tutorials and guides that are written by other Redbubble members.

There’s also a forum in the group with links to other good guides on the internet.

So, if you’re a seasoned GIMP veteran or still learning it’s workings, please feel free to join and take part in the fun and learning.

Our Current Group Avatar
Lucky Diamonds by Themis
Lucky Diamonds by Themis

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