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  • The Perennial Garden by Jessica Jenney
  • Flower Girl 2 by Jessica Jenney
  • Summer Pedals by Juliane Porter
  • Morning Sentinals by Eileen McVey
  • Tulip by Xandru
  • Landscape by mindprintz
  • Crazy Landscape by mindprintz
  • Caesi Sweet  by BlackSunshine
  • Madeleine by George Coombs
  • " The Wagon  roof timbers  of St Winnows Church" by Malcolm Chant
  • The Water Taxi by Susan Bergstrom
  • Roses in the Mist by Jessica Jenney
  • days of future past by shadowlea
  • Tamborine Panoramic by Peter Doré
  • Golden Jewel Rose Collage by BlueMoonRose
  • Vestibule of a Silo in St. Jacobs, Ontario by MarianBendeth
  • One Leaf by Evita
  • Cinerarias Dreaming -  Floral Collage in Purple and Blue by BlueMoonRose