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All About Water! (Closed For Submissions Until October 12, 2014)

Group Rules:

The main focus of your submitted piece must be WATER. Obviously water takes on many different shapes and forms. However, please make a conscious effort to keep water as a part of your subject matter.

-Please do not submit more than 2 per day. There are over 2000 members in the group and when multiple images are entered, it makes it hard for everyone’s artwork to get noticed. This benefits everyone. Any more than 2 and all images will be rejected.

- Please do not add any framing, commentary/banners,around your work. No t-shirts, iphone cases, greeting cards, added text, etc. We would like to see your best work stand on it’s own.

-All submitted work will be accepted, rejected or placed on hold based on the host(s) discretion.

-All submissions must be in good taste. Please review Content Guidelines on RedBubble

-All art media and photography is accepted.

-Challenges : All entries must be submitted and accepted into the group or they will be removed from the challenge.

Have fun and be creative!!!!