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All About Lighthouses ~ FEATURES ~ November 27th 2012

Evita Evita 13089 posts

Hello Members,

We have 6 new features…
Do stop to view and congratulate the artists … all images are click-able….


Lighthouse at Chanonry Point, Black Isle, Scotland
by Steve

Lighthouse & Clouds
by Stan Owen

Stormy Day at the Light
by Mikell Herrick

St. Mary's Lighthouse sunrise
by cieniu1

Not a Day for Boating
by wolftinz

Anstruther Light
by fraser68


Fabulous works… Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!

GeorgiaPoetry GeorgiaPoetry 92 posts

Wow! Congrats everyone. Worthy choices!!

Cynthia Broomfield Cynthia Broomf... 498 posts

Very beautiful captures, Congrats to all featured artist!!!!

Nancy Richard Nancy Richard 438 posts

Extraordinary work!!!

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4999 posts

Fantastic Work! Congratulations to all featured artists!!!