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All About Hearts

This group requires a hosting team. If you are interested in hosting this group, you can find out more here :

Drop your host a line!

foxyphotography foxyphotography 95 posts

Hey… drop your hosts a line …say hi… tell us how we’re doing…….we’d love to hear from you!!!

Lesley Ortiz Lesley Ortiz 22 posts

This group is fun and the host’s are great!!

JustSaul JustSaul 12 posts

I love this group, it is very fun.

Ntok Ntok 1 post

Hello. You ’re the first group i join in red bubble. The are some great works here.

foxyphotography foxyphotography 95 posts

Thanks for your comments!!! We are enjoying hosting very much and love hearing from you all !!!

Donna Huntriss Donna Huntriss 633 posts

Just a note! If anyone who wants to come to a HUGE Meet and Greet on the South Coast (Kiama Blowhole) on Sunday 8th November please come! we are hoping to have a huge one and meet fellow Red Bubblers and have fish n chips by the water! Kiama is on the south Coast train line and we are having people car pool from Wollonong, Figtree and Shellahrbour etc. ( This is if you are in Australia by the way!) Details on the Illawarra Group Forum page!
Support your Fellow Bubblers and come and have a great time!
Donna :))))

foxyphotography foxyphotography 95 posts

Sounds like great fun Donna!! Hope you all have a blast!!!! Austrailia has always been:) on the top of my list for countries to see across the ocean! I’ll get there someday… :)

Zachary Sykes Zachary Sykes 10 posts

Just joined. I currently have only one heart related image, but hope to increase that number as time passes. Cheers.