Alien Abduction

Fears & Fantasies

Recent Work

  • Dancing Alien by Mythos57
  • They Live Among US by CarolM
  • No way out by George Salazar
  • Welcome To My World by CarolM
  • MARS LANDING by strangeArchitec
  • They Are Coming! by CarolM
  • Area 51 UFO Flight Test Center by Samuel Sheats
  • Believe black by ArtByKevG
  • Shogun Demon by LukeCSuarez
  • Lord Cthulu Drawing! by LukeCSuarez
  • Little Gray by ArtByKevG
  • Creature From A Dark Planet by CarolM

About This Group

Alien Abduction: Fears & Fantasies is all about using art to express fears and fantasies (no matter how wild) about the alien abduction phenomenon. May also be humorous.

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