Albino's, Leucistic's & Rarities.......Oh My!

Group Rules:

Rules are pretty straight forward.

1~ Submissions should be of wildlife only! (No dogs, cats, zebra finches, mice or rats please)
2~ Albino or Luecistic (see definition) is the main focus of this group. However Dark Morphs that are rarely seen will be accepted as well.
3~ Please put in the description:
3a ~ What it is – Type of animal
3b ~ Where did you see it – City, State to be exact please.
3c ~ What make it unique – Is it albino,luecistic,etc…….
4~ No “through the bars” shots. If taken at a zoo, clear shots will be accepted only. Meaning that we don’t want to see the animal or bird in a caged environment.
5~ Be respectful to other group members & have a great time!

~Please keep in mind. For the building of our group we are not limiting submissions at this time. However if I feel the need to do so, I will in the future but not with out notifying you first.

~Though the group is not excepting journals or writings, if you have something you would like to share that has everything to do with this group we will be happy to take a look at it and discuss it further.

This group will not have features due to the small amount of submissions. The submissions themselves will be a feature as they are a featured gift to our world and not seen often.