Akhal-Tekes, Arabs & Thoroughbreds

Akhal-Tekes, Arabs & Thoroughbreds

Recent Work

  • WHITE HORSE by PimpinellaArt
  • William II  by Jean Farquhar
  • Dark Bay Thoroughbred...(on craft foam) by WildestArt
  • Arabian Horse's Mane by Kate Vigdis
  • Classique, Anglo-Arab Mare by Jean Farquhar
  • Under a Gypsy Moon by Tarrby
  • Gronskovlunds Marquis, Olympic Horse by Jean Farquhar
  • Foal Friends by Patricia Howitt
  • Thunder Smile by Jean Farquhar
  • Affirmed (USA) Thoroughbred Stallion by Patricia Howitt
  • Sound Reason Thoroughbred Stallion by Patricia Howitt
  • Ready To Run : Vaguely Noble (GB) by Patricia Howitt

About This Group

All art that shows one of the three mentioned horse breeds, posing, performing or as paintings,….. whatever….. as long as it shows AT, OX or XX. When submitting images to the group, please indicate the breed of the horse in the description or tags!

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