Airlines of the world (No Military Or Light Aircraft)

A group dedicated to Airlines from around the world

Introduce yourself here

EOS20 EOS20 74525 posts

Hi everyone, And welcome to the Airlines of the world group. Please feel free to introduce yourself here, And also tell us a bit about yourself.

unozig unozig 4 posts

Plane mad and having a gap year in the UK ;-)

Joseph Rieg Joseph Rieg 69 posts

I have been a plane nut since the US Air Force days in the early 70’s.
First plane ride, TWA Boing 707 heading to basic training. Spent years around
B-52’s with nukes onboard and their support tankers.

Jazzyjane Jazzyjane 10313 posts

Hi there Zig and Joseph, welcome to the group! Nice to meet you! I’m JJ and I’m an RB addict (LOL Wrong group maybe).

andysax andysax 18 posts

Hi it’s ANDY here just love planes has you will see i take lot’s of photo’s of planes from all over the world

gcdigiphoto gcdigiphoto 2 posts

Hi, I am glad to be part of this group, I love airplanes and I enjoy photographing them.