Agent Provocateur - T-Shirts with Messages

Group Rules:

T-shirts will be accepted based on these key criteria:

-It’s gotta be on a t-shirt.

-The message is designed to provoke thought. Messages can be environmental, political, satirical, social commentary or just plain cheeky; it is not exclusively limited to these themes.

-The message must be successfully delivered using graphic techniques such as signs, symbols, iconography and imagery; text cannot be the primary method of communicating the message, but may be used as part of the design.

-The design may incorporate techniques of subversion, agitprop, detournement, culture jamming, satire or collage.

-Maximum of two t-shirts a day added per person.

-Submissions to any t-shirt challenges will be unconditionally accepted for up to one week after the final due date for that challenge. T-shirts that do not comply with the above guidelines will then be removed from the group.

NOTE : Your t-shirts will be rejected if they do not adhere to these guidelines. Artwork that is not on a t-shirt is strictly by invitation only.

Special Addendum
Any t-shirt entitled ‘elementary mediocrity’ will be accepted.