After Dark

A group for amateur photgraphers, photo enthusists and long exposure specialists to post their dwilight and night work


  • SKEEBALL by WonderlandGlass
  • Sunset In Rhode Island by Nancy Richard
  • Vivid Swirls by Michael Matthews
  • Three Oil Lamps by Billlee
  • Melia Cayo Santa Maria 4 by John Velocci
  • ray of light by Steven Guy
  • Hot - Cosy Fire in the Hearth by Georgia Mizuleva
  • 1101 Cat Bay Sunset by DavidsArt
  • Tropical Night Reflection at Truk Lagoon by JohnKarmouche
  • Brandenburger Tor by Nicholas Coates
  • Nighttime at San Juan Mission by Terence Russell
  • Camp fire sparks by BigAndRed
  • Colourful sails & scales Vivid Sydney 2014 by Michael Matthews
  • Neon at Night by Terence Russell
  • Vivid Festival-Opera House, Australia 2016 by muz2142
  • San Jose at Night by Terence Russell
  • Portrait in Black and White. by Billlee
  • Entrance Gate to Turckheim by Yair Karelic