This group is for South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and neighbouring countries in AFRICA. Written work only in Afrikaans. ART and PHOTOGRAPHY. PLEASE ADD "AFRICA" OR "SOUTH AFRICA" IN YOUR DESCRIPTION.


Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2355 posts

Hier is ons erkennings vir die week!
Here are our latest features!

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Dark and bright by Graeme Mockler

Daisy Friends… by Qnita

Bulbine Beauty by Rina Greeff

Bedtime snack by Dan MacKenzie

Black Rhino Close Up by Michael Moss

Elephant in Mopani, Kruger N.P. South Africa by Margaret Hyde

White Backed Vulture Close Up by Michael Moss

A rose by any other name by Graeme Mockler

Heart to heart by AntonAlberts

Klein Karoo by Antionette

Life in the desert by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos

Pioneer Dam by Karine Radcliffe

Foto van die week / Pic of the week:

These tree branches are my leopards world! by jozi1

Kuns van die week / Art of the week:

Eggs with a conscience by Maree Clarkson


Stuur asb. vir ons meer kuns, ek en Maree wil vreeslik graag ook van JULLE kuns hier gebruik en nie net mekaar s’n nie!

Maree  Clarkson Maree Clarkson 2610 posts

Wow! Beautiful selections Elizabeth! Congratulations to all the featured artists, really great work! Thank you for my ART OF THE WEEK , and I agree, we really would like to see more AFRICAN ART in the group.

Veels geluk aan al die erkende lede, wonderlike keuses wat Elizabeth gemaak het!

Macky Macky 1065 posts

Congrats to all, a superb selection Elizabeth!!

Antionette Antionette 1021 posts

Baie geluk aan almal, ook die kunstenaars(kunstenaresse?) Puik werk voorwaar!