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! Beauty of Africa / Afrikaans and English! OPEN

This group is for South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and neighbouring countries in AFRICA. Written work in Afrikaans and English. ART and PHOTOGRAPHY. PLEASE ADD "AFRICA" OR "SOUTH AFRICA" IN YOUR DESCRIPTION.


Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3174 posts

Our features are up, hope you enjoy them, and congratulations to all for the beautiful entries!
Hier is vandag se erkennings, hoop julle geniet en veels geluk aan almal vir die pragtige inskrywings!

Black headed oriole by jozi1

No Lunch Today. by Cameron B

Rhinos Do Have Something Between Their Ears by Michael Moss

Zulu Medicine Man by Bev Pascoe

End of the Line by Rina Greeff

Midday Siesta by Irene van Vuuren

Zebra Cantering Across The Swamp by Carole-Anne

Back to front by croust

Visitor from Sth Africa by John44

Huh, what was that noise? by AntonAlberts

Gossamer fans by Graeme Mockler

A Namibian Wilderness by Graeme Hyde

Art of the Week : Kuns van die Week | White lilies by Santie Amery

Photo of the Week : foto van die Week | Trunk hello by Owed to Nature

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2555 posts
Congratulations to all featured above! A beautiful collection Maree!

Veels geluk aan almal, die erkennings is pure Afrika! Geluk Santie met jou Kuns van die Week! – puik!
Congrats Sylvia on Photo of the Week! – well done!

NikonMan NikonMan 566 posts

Congratulations to all the above featured , and to Santie Art of the week and Owed to Nature for Photo of the week.

Irene  van Vuuren Irene van Vuuren 163 posts

Congratulations to all the artists featured above, especially to Santie Amery and Owed to Nature for superb work presented. Thank you for including my little Springbok taking a lunch break. I do appreciate!

Santie Amery Santie Amery 19 posts

Baie dankie almal! Dis ’n yslike verrassing! Geluk aan almal wie se pragtige werk ook vertoon is! Ek is in goeie geselskap!