This group is for South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and neighbouring countries in AFRICA. Written work only in Afrikaans. ART and PHOTOGRAPHY. PLEASE ADD "AFRICA" OR "SOUTH AFRICA" IN YOUR DESCRIPTION.

11 Oct 2012 FEATURES / 11 Okt ERKENNINGS

Maree  Clarkson Maree Clarkson 2238 posts

Julle werk is ’n wonderlike toevoeging tot ons galery en dit verskaf ons groot genot om julle pragtige bydraes erkenning te gee!
Your work is a wonderful addition to our gallery and it brings us great joy to highlight your fabulous contributions!

Check me out! by Karman De Lange

Flying Bishop by Macky

Cattle Egret by Warren. A. Williams

I’m watching you by Karine Radcliffe

Cape Robin by croust

I am telling you the rain is coming! by jozi1

The smoking raven by Martina Stoecker

Spring greens! Mabula, Northern Province, South Africa by Fineli

Goodbye…. by Elizabeth Kendall

Bee battle by AntonAlberts

SPRING PLEASURE – Al die veld is vrolik…. by Magaret Meintjes

Nature’s Art… Free state, South Africa by Qnita

Photo of the Week/Foto van die Week : Vonkies vir die oog by Rina Greeff

Art of the Week/Kuns van die Week : White whispering by Marie Theron

Macky Macky 938 posts

Congrats to all, an honour to be on the same page, dankie Maree!!

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2205 posts

Hoe wonderlikmooi tog! Baie dankie Maree vir die saamstel van hierdie pragblad! Veels geluk aan almal wat erkenning gekry het. Baie dankie vir my Goodbye ! Geluk Marie, jou Kuns van die week is ’n ware wenner en Rina, jou Foto van die week ook! Lief dit!
Congratulations to all featured above! Well done and thanks so much for your lovely work and participation in our group!

Magaret Meintjes Magaret Meintjes 3516 posts

Geluk Marie en Rina, wel gedaan en verdien! Geluk aan al die ander lede en dankie vir die groot voorreg om deel te wees van so ’n pragtige versameling van kunswerke!

AntonAlberts AntonAlberts 20 posts

Baie geluk Marie en Rina- pragtig!

Margaret  Hyde Margaret Hyde 2558 posts

Excellent selection, congratulations to all.

Karine Radcliffe Karine Radcliffe 641 posts

What an honour to be part of this great selection of work. Congrats to all :)

Qnita Qnita 5587 posts

Baie dankie vir die toekenning! Geluk aan almal… :-)

NikonMan NikonMan 589 posts

Congratulations to all the above featured artist`s,some nice artworks.

Rina Greeff Rina Greeff 482 posts

’n Groot dankie vir dié toekenning! Baie geluk ook aan Marie met die kunstoekenning en al ons begaafde fotokunstenaars wat hier erkenning kry!