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Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3694 posts

Don’t miss out on our brand new features for this week!

Maasai Warriors
by Reynaldo

Cumulus humilis (Cu hum)
by Maree Clarkson

Stop Rhino Poaching
by Ludwig Wagner

Lion Portrait in Cubist Style
by taiche

Playing: Years Ago… #001
by Qnita

Bush Baby
by Susan Bergstrom

Watching one's back!
by Rina Greeff

Fish eagle in flight
by jozi1

Great White Pelican
by Carole-Anne

I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down!
by AntonAlberts

Botswana sunset.
by Lyn Darlington

Giraffe drinking
by Vickie Burt

Congratulations to al ALL our featured members, some brilliant artworks and well deserved features, well done!

Ludwig Wagner Ludwig Wagner 538 posts

Congrats everyone. Thanks for including the rhino.

Lyn Darlington Lyn Darlington 80 posts

Congrats on all the fantastic images and for including mine!

Rina Greeff Rina Greeff 511 posts

Well done to all featured members with their lovely work! Thank you for the inclusion of my moth.

Margaret  Hyde Margaret Hyde 4456 posts

Excellent selection. Congratulations to all.

Maree  Clarkson Maree Clarkson 2647 posts

What gorgeous selections Magriet! Thank you for including my image and congratulations to all the other featured artists!

Vickie Burt Vickie Burt 129 posts

Thank you for including my image Magaret, and congratulations to all the featured artists. Lovely work!

taiche taiche 158 posts

Thankyou for making my lion a part of this stunning collection of works :-)

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3694 posts

Thanks to ALL our members that made the time to visit our feature page and congratulate our featured members, I do appreciate it very much!

Reynaldo Reynaldo 215 posts

congrats all peers

Deborah V Townsend Deborah V Town... 454 posts

Congratulations everyone – truly stunning images