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Save the Rhino

Mark Braham Mark Braham 48 posts

I was listening to 702 Radio this morning and one of the tracking companies phoned in and was saying that they are getting involved in the hunting down of rhino poachers and they needed night vision goggles to help track poachers,amazingly it took 30 seconds for two companies to phone in and offer to buy three of them they cost R27 500 each.
This gave me the idea of trying to start a fund through this media to help collect money to save the rhino.Can this be done on this site through the sale of photos? for example if i sell any of my photos i want all the money to go to this fund.
what do you think will this work

Mark Braham

Clive S Clive S 899 posts

Mark I think that every little bit will help and the situation has reached critical mass. Good on you!!

lorentzs lorentzs 32 posts

I think that’s a great idea Mark. Not sure what RedBubble would think but I know for example that the website blurb.com – who publish books for anyone, photography whatever, have a Blurb for Good section – so you can choose to donate any sales money directly to your cause and they handle it all.. of course the books are mostly more expensive so it’s dealing with larger amounts and so maybe easier to manage.

Mark Braham Mark Braham 48 posts

Thanks for your reply.

I see that Betty on this site has set something up hopefully it will work.